Unifying the consumer banking experience

Allowing Bank of Maldives customers to view, manage cards, accounts and make payments within one app.


Bank of Maldives
Launched Jun 2021


Product Design


Mobile (iOS & Android)


Bank of Maldives is the leading financial institution in the Maldives. They provide a full-service bank across the complete spectrum of personal, business and corporate financial services.

Pomelo had been working with Bank of Maldives for a number of years when the opportunity came up to help the bank update their consumer banking experience to give their banking app a more modern feel.

Problem statement

Simplify the consumer banking experience by developing a cohesive platform that allows users to perform banking transactions seamlessly from their homes or while on the move. Additionally, the platform should offer a digital wallet for making in-person payments and transferring money to others.


Collaborated with multiple stakeholders to lead the design process from initial concept to delivery.


Bank of Maldives previously offered two separate apps to customers. The first was Internet banking, which allowed customers to conduct banking transactions at any time and from anywhere in the world, including checking account and card balances, tracking transactions, viewing and downloading statements, and transferring money between accounts. The second app was Mobile Pay, which provided customers with a digital wallet that could be used to pay for purchases in-person and transfer money to anyone.
1. Internet banking‍
• Check account and card balance in seconds  
• Track transactions
• View and download account and card statements
• Move money between accounts
‍2. Mobile Pay‍
• Scan to Pay at shops, restaurants using the BML QR Code.
• Use your NFC-enabled phone to pay for transactions.
• Pay for your credit cards or loans.
• Send money to anyone with our MobilePay digital wallet


While visiting the Maldives, I met with the Head of Digital Banking, Marketing, Personal & Business Banking, and Support, who shared their insights on various aspects such as the current functionality of their apps, customer feedback gathered by call centre staff, complaints received from customers on social media, and suggestions on how to group app features in a simple and understandable manner.


The goal is to unify the two services and provide customers with a seamless banking experience, eliminating the need to download two separate apps. This would enable customers to conduct simple banking services without needing to visit a branch or contact support, and encourage mobile pay usage with the customer banking app.

Unify services 🤲

Remove the need for customers to download two separate apps and have one unified banking experience.

Self service banking 🛎️

Reduce the need for customers to visit a branch or contact support to complete simple banking services.

Increase mobile pay usage 📈

Encourage users to complete transactions by using the mobile pay options with the customer banking app.


Use the app to check account balance, to make transfers, view account history and more. The app is broken down into Wallet, Accounts, Transfers and Banking services.


Allows customers to pay for purchases anywhere or to send money to anyone. All customers have to do is select a card to pay with or set a card as their default card and they will be able to complete a payment with a few taps.

Mobile Pay

Customers have a range of ways to complete payment within the app from scanning a QR code, tapping their phone on a merchants card reader to generating a QR code for a merchant to scan.

Accounts & balances

Customers can view their account statement, balance, move money between accounts, track transactions, pay for credit cards or loans,  all in one place.


Transfer money, move money between your accounts, send money to someone else with an account with BML account and any other local bank or overseas.

Banking services

Open additional accounts, apply for debit or credit cards, apply for Lui loans, update your personal information and set or change your PIN.

Project reflection

This project was a great experience as it involved taking years of user feedback gathered from the call centres and social media to help streamline the customers daily banking and payments experience.

During this project, I was able to dive deep into understanding the core flows of an issuing product.  As this project was very exciting I felt myself working faster than I needed to. It would have been great to take a step back and carry out more user testing along the way. However, the insight that the customer service and marketing team was able to provide was very influential throughout the project.

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